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Hanszen Laporte Jury Verdict Affirmed

August 27, 2021

On August 27, 2021, Judge Lee Rosenthal entered final judgment affirming Hanszen Laporte’s jury verdict in defense of its lender in an “improper refinance” case. These cases, which are founded upon an alleged violation of the Texas Constitution, have become commonplace in Texas as borrowers seek to set aside their liens and loans due to technical deficiencies in the loan process. Hanszen Laporte attorneys have actively defended lenders and loan servicers from these claims. Interestingly, despite the burgeoning number of these cases, almost none of these has gone to trial ... until now. We are pleased to report that Anthony Laporte and Zack Smith tried the case to jury verdict and prevailed. Based on that jury verdict, the Federal District Court entered a take nothing judgment on plaintiff’s claims, vindicating both the originator and the lender. At Hanszen Laporte, we believe that our clients have the right to have their business practices fairly graded, not simply complained about. The six figure result sought by the plaintiff at trial was met with a -$0- judgment. Rightly so.