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Hanszen Laporte secure their 5th consecutive win of the year!

July 27, 2023

Hanszen Laporte attorneys Anthony Laporte and Zack Smith succeeded in yet another lawsuit relating to technical violations of the home refinancing laws in Texas. Plaintiff filed suit seeking a free home by claiming that the attorney’s office in which the loan closed was not really an attorney’s office because it was a workspace office. After considering the arguments of counsel, the judge agreed with Hanszen Laporte, determined that the transaction complied with Texas law and federal regulations, and granted summary judgment in favor of all the defendants.

This is the fifth consecutive win by Hanszen Laporte on these cases (one by jury trial and four by summary judgment). At Hanszen Laporte, we are always proud when the hard work of our members pays off in such clear measure. Congratulations to Anthony, Zack, and the HL Team!

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