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Hanszen Laporte prevails on suit against lender and title company.

February 2, 2022

To start off January 2022, Hanszen Laporte and its attorneys Anthony Laporte and Zack Smith kept up their litigation success against suits brought for technical violations of the home refinancing laws in Texas. These suits have bedeviled the industry as the remedy sought is literally a free home. The federal court judge, who considered the plaintiff's claims, agreed with Hanszen Laporte’s position and granted summary judgment in favor of all the defendants in the case. This win is the third consecutive such win by Hanszen Laporte on these cases (two by summary judgment and one by jury trial). At Hanszen Laporte, we specialize is achieving actual results which resolve issues, not just kick them down the road. We believe in our clients, and we have the skill and experience to make real victory a reality.