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Hanszen Laporte Resolves Title Dispute

May 17, 2021

Hanszen Laporte recently added to its impressive record of resolving real property title disputes by timely clearing title for a client. After Hanszen Laporte’s client was unable to close on the sale of real property due to clouded title, Hanszen Laporte quickly identified two gaps in the chain of title created by errors in previous transactions involving the property. Hanszen Laporte acted swiftly to identify and track down the parties to both prior transactions. Hanszen Laporte was then able to negotiate with those parties to complete the required corrective actions, clear title to the property, and facilitate the property’s future sale. While Hanszen Laporte is always ready to litigate contested real property issues in court, Hanszen Laporte’s team recognizes there are often opportunities to achieve the best result for the client without resorting to costly and time-intensive litigation. Hanszen Laporte strives to deliver the best results in the manner that makes the most sense given the needs of the case and the needs of its clients.