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Hanszen Laporte Prevails in Title Dispute for Homeowner

April 3, 2023

Hanszen Laporte attorneys Kent Hanszen and Eli Janik obtained a judgment in favor of a homeowner who had purchased a property. A plaintiff had filed suit claiming that the firm’s client had improperly obtained the property in question through fraudulent means. Hanszen Laporte defended their client’s title claim establishing that it was a bona fide purchaser, having purchased the property in good faith and without knowledge of any alleged fraud. The bona fide purchaser defense is a well-established principle of law, designed to protect innocent parties from being held responsible for the actions of others.

"We are pleased with the outcome of this case, which affirms the importance of the bona fide purchaser defense in protecting the rights of innocent third-party buyers," said Hanszen Laporte's managing partner, Kent M. Hanszen. "Our client acted in good faith and followed all appropriate legal procedures in acquiring the property, and we are glad that the court recognized this fact."

Hanszen Laporte works hard to defend and protect clients’ property rights, and to resolve matters and ease the burden on the client as quickly as possible. It has board certified attorneys in the areas of real estate and litigation and uses those unique resources to solve its client’s problems.