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Hanszen Laporte Obtains Three Separate Condemnation Awards

October 5, 2021

Over the past several weeks, Hanszen Laporte has obtained three separate condemnation awards totaling in excess of $3 million from the condemning authorities. These awards represent a more than $1.4 million dollar increase from the condemning authorities’ original offers, and each resulted in literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in uplift for each of Hanszen Laporte’s clients. These outstanding results were not the product of short-term, quick hit fixes. Rather, these outcomes came after more than two years of substantive efforts and attention to each client’s property and the unique circumstances affecting those properties. Again, at Hanszen Laporte our goal is to obtain real, tangible results for our clients, and these results provide genuine benefit to them. Hanszen Laporte is proud of its condemnation team, and these results reflect the talents and abilities of our skilled attorneys.