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Hanszen Laporte Clears Title By Eliminating Fraudulent Deed

June 7, 2021

Hanszen Laporte’s title litigation group added another win to its record this week and invalidated a fraudulent deed that was clouding title to a client’s homestead. By utilizing aggressive litigation tactics, Hanszen Laporte obtained judicial review of a fraudulent deed clouding title to the client’s property and secured an expedited ruling declaring the fraudulent deed invalid. Although title litigation is often time intensive, taking months and sometimes years to complete, in this instance Hanszen Laporte succeeded in clearing title to the client’s property in a matter of weeks. Litigation is often stressful and costly; but when a client’s home is on the line, the mental and emotional toll on the client is uniquely difficult. Hanszen Laporte works hard to defend and protect clients’ property rights, and to resolve matters and ease the burden on the client as quickly as possible.