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The Risky World of the Minority Shareholder

April 30, 2015

Too often, people enter into business relationships with friends and family without crafting an exit strategy. Without fail, the beginning of a new business relationship brings palpable excitement, with dreams of big business and big returns. I rarely hear anyone, who is embarking on a new business venture, discuss anything other than the great success, which awaits. After all, “we’re all the best of friends;” “I’ve known her all of my life;” “we’re family” ….

But … what if? … What if the business venture is not all rainbows and unicorns? … What if the relationship sours? … And what if you are a minority shareholder?

Read the full article written by Kent Hanszen, an AV Preeminent-rated, board-certified attorney and managing partner at Hanszen Laporte.