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Hazing and Bullying: Do You Know Your Rights?

November 21, 2014

A pledge at a fraternity at University of West Virginia was injured in a hazing incident. He suffered a concussion and needed stitches. A fraternity member was arrested and charged with battery. The fraternity was placed on a two and a half year suspension and it could be five years before it is allowed back on campus.

A high school girl in Florida is the victim of cyber bullying. She endures it for as long as she can. Finally, she commits suicide.

Hazing and bullying are prevalent. Hazing and bullying can serve as a trauma that can have long-lasting effects, and even end in death. Part one of this topic focuses on hazing and your rights under the law.

Read part one of the article written by H. Mark Burck, a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer at Hanszen Laporte.