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Hanszen Laporte’s appellate team successfully obtained ruling from the Beaumont Court of Appeals

August 30, 2023

Hanszen Laporte’s appellate team led by Anthony Laporte and Eli Janik successfully obtained a favorable ruling from the Beaumont Court of Appeals, affirming our client’s judgment from the trial court.

The Beaumont Court of Appeals upheld the trial court’s summary judgment, ending an extended and contentious battle. Over the past decade, HL defended a wave of claims against our client in a politically charged case which went up and back to the appellate courts numerous times. Ultimately, our client has been vindicated and, the August 17, 2023, ruling finally closes the matter.

At Hanszen Laporte we know that litigation is stressful – from the very first day to the last. Our role is to take that stress off our client’s shoulders and carry it ourselves, no matter how long the matter takes. Finally, we know that true wins usually aren’t the results of just a good first day or week or even a month but are most often the product and outcome of high-quality efforts sustained over many years.

HL – consistently performing at that level for over 25 years.