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Hanszen Laporte Successful Again at Appellate Level

September 2, 2021

On September 2, 2021, the 14th Court of Appeal rendered an opinion REVERSING a 2019 summary judgment entered against a client of Hanszen Laporte. A prior owner of real property had sued for title to a property which had been purchase by Hanszen Laporte’s client. A probate court in Galveston had agreed with the claimant and divested Hanszen Laporte’s client of the property. Hanszen Laporte took the matter up on appeal and, after considerable briefing, the 14th Court of Appeals in Houston agreed with Hanszen Laporte and reversed the ruling of the probate court putting Hanszen Laporte’s client back in possession of the property.

It is well recognized that the appellate process is a challenging and tricky one, with plenty of pitfalls which could derail even the most experienced attorney. Further, obtaining a reversal of a lower court’s decision (that is, getting a court of appeals to overturn the lower court’s ruling) is much harder than simply holding a trial court win. That said, Hanszen Laporte, in its efforts to preserve and protect its client’s property, successfully overturned the probate court’s erroneous decision and rightfully returned title to the property to Hanszen Laporte’s client. From initial consultation to mediation to litigation to judgment and even to the courts of appeal, Hanszen Laporte and its lawyers continue to achieve success and obtain real, genuine, and tangible results for its clients.