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Hanszen Laporte Helps School District Win Texas Supreme Court Ruling

April 1, 2016

Hanszen Laporte (HL) defended Clint ISD in the appeal in this case of first impression, in which the school district was sued by parents of students complaining that admittedly unequal funding allocations among the district’s schools was unconstitutional. HL argued that a court did not have jurisdiction to seize control of—and micromanage—financial decisions of an elected school district board of trustees allocating funds among its schools. The trial court agreed with Clint ISD’s position and dismissed the parents’ suit.

The parents appealed, and the El Paso court of appeals ruled against the school district in 2013, reversing the trial court and ordering it to consider the parents’ claims. Clint ISD appealed to the Texas Supreme Court. On April 1, 2016, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously reversed the court of appeals, ruled in favor of Clint ISD, and rendered a decision dismissing the parents’ case. The opinion tracks the school district’s briefing closely.

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