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Hanszen Laporte Blazing New Trails in First Amendment Law — Defamation in the Internet Age

October 23, 2014

From holiday yard decorations criticizing a neighbor to Internet restaurant reviews, free speech is under attack in the courts in our increasingly litigious society like never before.  Frivolous lawsuits designed to chill expression of criticism have reached such a fever pitch that 28 states have now adopted “anti-SLAPP” statutes designed to protect speakers from such suits, and a new national statute has been proposed in Congress.

The relatively new Texas “anti-SLAPP” statute is the most powerful speech protection statute ever adopted in any jurisdiction so far. Whether your business’s revenues dropped because of an Internet attack by a competitor or you were sued by a business whose services you criticized on a blog, the Texas anti-SLAPP statute is something you need to know about. Hanszen Laporte has the tools and the experience to help you.

Read the article by board-certified First Amendment attorney Jeffrey L. Dorrell explaining this new statute and its unprecedented remedies for those who engage in unpopular or offensive speech.