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Aaron Wagner leads Hanszen Laporte trial team to victory in Washington state Superior Court.

June 15, 2023

Hanszen Laporte secured another massive win for one of its major lending clients in Washington state superior court. Plaintiffs had demanded a million dollars+ to resolve their alleged claims but after a three-week long jury trial, Hanszen Laporte secured a full defense verdict on all causes of action!! It was, by all accounts, a total win.

The facts were straightforward, but the variety of claims asserted, and the magnitude of the damages sought coupled to make the case challenging. Plaintiffs, would-be borrowers for a significant residential home loan, alleged causes of action for fraud, negligent misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, violations of Washington’s Consumer Protection Act, negligent infliction of emotional distress, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The Plaintiffs had previously complained to Washington’s DFI (claiming all of the above and including allegations that Defendants had caused Plaintiff to suffer a near-death diabetic incident) and, significantly, had received some administrative approval that there was a claim. At the close of their case, Plaintiffs demanded $500,000+ from the jury. Hanszen Laporte was able to convince the jury that Plaintiffs’ claims were without merit and their damages claims were unsupportable. As stated, the jury returned a verdict of no liability on all causes of action and awarded no damages to the plaintiffs. A clean sweep!

Seasoned trial attorney and Hanszen Laporte’s newest partner, Aaron Wagner, ably led the trial team (comprised of senior associate Forrest Cohrs and paralegal Kathrin Bishop) through three challenging weeks of trial in Bellingham, Washington. The firm greatly appreciated its client’s support and presence throughout the duration of the crucible that comes with a trial of this length and magnitude and appreciates the work that all the staff and support team put in to make this outcome possible.

At Hanszen Laporte, we are always proud when the hard work of its members pays off in such clear measure. While Hanszen Laporte works diligently to resolve disputes prior to trial to obtain the most efficient result for its clients; when a reasonable settlement cannot be had, Hanszen Laporte does not hesitate to try the case and, even more importantly, win. Congratulations to Aaron and the team!